Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another Year & Another Journey

Thank you to Micah Muma, 2nd year Shepherds College student, for writing today's blog.

Another year and another journey up ahead, stored up ready to show itself. I look back, and I can see that being a 2nd year has such a different method than the 1st year – different struggles. Now, all the responsibilities are on us in Home B – doing the grocery list with the group, making sure we don’t stay up too late at night, getting up for class in time. I know I have more ways to prove to myself that I can do this and graduate.

 I remember when I had instantly wanted to become a 2nd year - when I heard there was more freedom. But it was only half true. Yes, I had more privileges and such, but I wasn’t going to be totally free and be able to not do anything. As I started my 2nd year, I knew it would be a little better and a bit more of an uphill challenge. 

Challenges came and gave me struggles – it was hard doing my chores and homework instead of playing around! - and I knew it wouldn’t be long until I was going to fail at certain areas like in relationships and trying to move on in specific areas. My parents almost pulled the plug, and I knew I had to do better or else it would’ve been a waste of time for them as well as me. 

My challenges aren’t easy nor are they a memory I’d love to keep. So I moved on, as best as I could. I thank God for all His wonders and His grace and patience with me. I throw all my problems towards God as if he’ll take them away, and I’m usually better the very next day. 

Every day, my classes roll on, and I’m starting to do well. Culinary Class so far has been my favorite. All the amazing dishes have my parents wanting me to cook for them which makes perfect sense, so it looks like I’ll be busy cooking even after my Christmas break. Our Chef, she’s amazing and has given me so many ideas. I long to one day work on a cruise ship, yet I have to work hard to achieve my dreams and goals. 

So, as I said, another year and another unexpected journey up ahead. I pray every day to stay strong to my true self and my life. I can now see myself one day graduating and saying, “I made it.”

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