Friday, October 9, 2015

Never A Dull Moment

Thank you to Cathy Harvey, Administrative Assistant, for writing today's blog.

Parents, if you are worried about what your son or daughter will do with their weekends if they don’t come home, let us assure you there is never a dull moment around Shepherds College! Our Residential Life Coordinator and Weekend Supervisor, Jordan Debbink, continually scours community and online resources to provide fun, relaxing, and interesting activities for all our students, and there is quite a variety from which students may choose.

The Sign-up board for activities is often full, and sometimes to overflowing, with choices. Students exercise decision-making and budgeting skills as they consider the upcoming possibilities. This year’s Student Activity board has already included sign-up sheets for the following variety of activities:

  • Dog shows
  • YMCA
  • Grill and Games
  • Cookouts
  •  Mexican Fiesta
  • Kite Flying
  • Nature Center
  • Brewers Game
  • Bowling 
  •  Car Show
  •  Ice Skating Championship Show
  •  Tickets to plays (James & the Giant Peach, currently)
  • Gillmore Farm campfire, s’mores, and hayrides
  • Fall Festivals

It is a joy to hear the students gather outside the college office where the activity board hangs and hear the buzz of conversation between classes as students decide what and why they want others to join them in an outing.

Res Life staff work hard to coordinate these events, reserve vehicles, consider the meal schedule and meds they may need to take, and many other details as they strive to give our students a great college experience laced with opportunities to grow in their independence, as well as social and daily living skills.

A shout out and high 5 to Jordan Debbink and all the staff who help make these creative activities  happen! We hope it builds a scrapbook of fond memories for our students as they continue their college journey.

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