Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Elevator Speech

Thank you to Yvonne Tomczak, PR & Marketing Assistant, for writing today's blog.

Yesterday, the second-year students learned about elevator speeches in their Personal and Professional Development 2 (PPD2) class. They all had to create a 30 second elevator speech about themselves that they would then have to practice on four different people. 

The class came and visited us in the Development department to practice these speeches. One by one they came up and introduced themselves, talked about their major and what they are currently learning. They shared their hobbies and special interests, and told us something that they are looking forward to this school year. All of them did a wonderful job despite being nervous.

I figured, since I am new to Shepherds Ministries and all of the second year students just introduced themselves to me by using these newly learned elevator speeches, maybe I should write one and introduce myself this way too. So, here is my elevator speech:

Hello, my name is Yvonne Tomczak.

I am the new Marketing/ Public Relations assistant here at Shepherds. As the assistant, my duties vary every day. Some days I am getting smaller office tasks out of the way, and other days I am writing different kinds of pieces, taking pictures around campus, and/or putting together ads and posters. 

I enjoy designing my own typefaces, photography, knitting, and anything else that is crafty. I also really enjoy taking walks with my husband along Lake Michigan. 

Something I am really looking forward to is getting to know the students better and learning more about Shepherds. I am also really looking forward to coaching the Special Olympics soccer teams again this coming fall!

At the end of the exercise, Instructor Sarah Kolkman debriefed the students, asking them why having an elevator speech prepared could be beneficial to them. Students agreed that this would help them with first impressions and make introductions less awkward and choppy. They also stated the value that such an elevator speech could have for them in an employment setting or when applying for a job.  

Here are some of the student's reflections about elevator speeches:

Mrs. Kolkman asked, "Why is it important to have an elevator speech memorized?  How will you use this speech this year?"

"Because you never know who you will meet and it might be a very important person.  It will be helpful for interviews and for other speeches in other classes and in life.  it also is going to be really good for when we have a big speech in class or in a job." - Gretchen

"If you have an elevator speech you will have a better future.  I can use this in class and out of school and the more you practice the better you will be" - Nee Dow

"It can bring others together" - Leah

"So you can be ready for unexpected visitors who want to know what you have been doing in Shepherds College and what the school is all about" - Hannah

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