Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Teacher Tuesday: Quotes from the Classroom

When Shepherds College was going through the accreditation process, our accreditation team from the North Central Association – Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, gave us the highest possible rating in the area of Teaching and Assessing for Learning. This achievement was pretty amazing and almost unheard of for a new school – especially one that had to create its own curriculum!

It also tells you something important about us – we take our teaching very seriously.

But, in spite of all the seriousness regarding the quality of our teaching, those goofy moments still manage to sneak into each classroom. Our students can be surprising! They bring us lots of smiles, giggles and laughter. We’d like to share some of the joy with you.  

Our students on Disability:
Student: “I’m not feeling well.”
Staff: “What are your symptoms?”
Student: “My mom calls it Down syndrome.”
(The student had the flu…)

“My leg hurts. I think I have ‘jet leg.’”

“The autism is flowing through me.”

Student during her demonstration speech conclusion: “Diabetes comes in handy in many ways.”

“I don’t have a real disability. I have a learning disability.”

“Yeah, I have OCD. That means I can be hot and cold at the same time.”

Our students on Food:

Student talking about the fruit in his refrigerator: “My life’s motto is ‘Squeeze it as hard as you can.’”

“Do you know what caviar is? It’s fish poop.”

“So the pretzels are glutton free?”

Our students on Education:
Student scoffing: “This test is not going to be wahooo, it’s only whoop de doo.”
Teacher: “What’s wahooo?”
Student: “Not whoop de doo.”
Teacher: “What’s whoop de doo?”
Student: “This test.”
Teacher: “… can we try to make it wahooo?”
Student: “I don’t think so.”

“I was thinking so hard that I started to sweat.”

Student on his research project of Maine:
“The wabanalis were the first people to welcome the dawn.
In different countries throughout the nations, meaning that we really need to learn different languages every day.
In North America, Christfer Cloumuse descuvered that America had tuns and tuns of gold to make things like watches, rings and even cars.
Many wepons were made from gold, but now we know that history is incredible to Imagene.
The state flag is also used in war.
The native Americans still have tribes that are still trading with the Europeans to day while we notice that we don’t have to take over all the states are being invaded by the other nations that we declare.”

“Mayans had the most precious art of facts.”

“The NIV is too hard to understand, so I’m going to have my mom send me my KJV.”

Our students on independent living:
“Shoot! I can lay in bed eating my Coco Puffs.”

“May I use you as a business card?”

“Work is murder.”

Our students who may have to retake their Communications class:

While talking to their teachers –

“You’re getting on my last nerd.”

“You can assign me more homework if you need to in order to boost your own ego.”

And what every woman wants to hear –
“You look nice for a change.”

“A merry heart does good, like medicine …” Proverbs 17:22

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  1. This is exactly what I needed after a long day of school! I miss these guys!