Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's Top Five: What We're Missing

For most people, summer is a time of fun and excitement, rest and relaxation. It’s the season we look forward to all year long. But for those of us still at Shepherds College, summer can be sort of a drag.

With the students and many of the teachers away on their summer break, things can get a little boring around here. It’s a lot quieter. There’s not near as much activity going on. And we’re all just waiting for school to start up again.

I’m sure if you asked most of the students, they would say they are enjoying their break way too much to think about school. But whether they admit it or not, I’m sure they’re starting to get at least a little bit excited about the new school year.

The students may not be missing us quite yet, but we sure are missing them. Here are some of the things we miss about our Shepherds College students:

1. Their energy.

If you were a visitor at Shepherds College and you happened to be walking down the hallways in between class periods, you would understand exactly what we’re talking about when we say energy. Maybe the students are nervous about an upcoming test. Maybe they’re releasing all the wiggles pent up during class. Maybe they’re just excited about all that they are learning. Whatever it is, there is definitely a high level of energy in our hallways when the students are around. It makes you excited to hear the chatter and laughter and to see the activity and smiles. It will energize you, too!

The “Move to the Groove” program encourages our students to have fun while being physically active and also really increases the energy level on campus. It’s usually held in the gymnasium, and students can exercise by shooting hoops, riding the stationary bikes, walking laps, or doing aerobics. Even some of the Shepherds residents get involved. Mrs. Harvey says that she can feel the happy energy when the students’ participate and it gives her a boost to get past the after-lunch slump.

2. The things they say.


You never know what our students are going to say, and that’s what makes life with them so interesting. From their sweet words of kindness and encouragement to their hilarious jokes, the students always have something intriguing to talk about. And they love to talk!

When I observed a personal development class, students were giving speeches as part of their final. The “audience” was supposed to give the speaker critiques on their speech by using the “sandwich” method: positive comment, something to improve on, positive comment. Nicole only gave positive comments. She could never find something for her classmates to work on. She was quite the encourager. And for some reason, Miranda has taken to teasing me with the nickname “troublemaker.” I haven’t the slightest idea what that’s about! Oh, they make me smile.

3. Their hugs.

Many of our students are gifted with the abilities to comfort and encourage. It feels good when they are so excited to see you that their whole face lights up and they hurry to you for a hug. The students have a special way of making you feel important and appreciated. They’re also very perceptive and can tell when people are worried or hurting. The students love to make friends and be a part of the Shepherds family. They love making people feel loved.

4. The stories they share.

Remember when I said our students love to talk? Well, I wasn’t kidding. Our students enjoy asking people questions and finding out more about them, but they also love telling their own stories, too. They like to surprise you or make you laugh, so their storytelling is usually pretty exciting and dramatic. But they are heartfelt stories, too. They are stories that make you smile.

I think the biggest storyteller on campus is Ray. He always has a story to share, and I love hearing his deep, scratchy voice. Ray has told me stories about movies he’s watched, music he listens to, his mom’s birthday, his extended family, memories with the 2012 graduates, his excitement of being a third year student, and just about every plant growing in the greenhouse. This guy loves stories, and he does a great job of telling them, too. I miss that.


5. Their smiles.

I could write words upon words about the students’ precious smiles and what they mean to us at Shepherds College, but why make you read when I can show you instead?

Need I say more?

So, while our students enjoy a break from their studies, we eagerly anticipate the coming school year because oh, how we miss those students!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Night of Celebration

Just weeks ago, Shepherds College celebrated their second graduating class, the Class of 2012. June 8 was set aside as a private time for the graduates, their families, and faculty to gather and reminisce the past three years. It was a beautiful celebration designed to honor these seven students and their accomplishments.

The night began with the opportunity for family photo shoots provided by Jim and Cathi Leibforth of Leibforth Photography. Many students and their families took advantage of this wonderful service. These families will now have lasting memories of a very special night.

The celebration was held in the commons area of the first year dorms. This recently renovated area was warm and inviting. The room was decorated beautifully, incorporating the school colors and flower arrangements designed with flowers growing right on campus. Delicious hors d'oeuvres and desserts were provided by Director of Shepherds Enterprises Allan Castelli.

Tracy Terrill, Executive Director of Shepherds College, set the bar high with his opening statement for the night.

"I know last year this night was one of the most special nights of my life, and I expect nothing less tonight," he said.

Dean of Shepherds College Angela Houk began the program with a quiz for the graduating class. Each student was asked to share one thing they had learned during their time at Shepherds College. Some answers included learning specialized skills in Culinary Arts and Horticulture, developing abilities to live independently, and nurturing a stronger relationship with Christ.

Several faculty members were asked to share their thoughts about one specific student. The teachers told the families how their students had developed and grown throughout their three years at Shepherds College. They encouraged the students to remember the lessons they had learned and to continue in the habits they had formed. It was a unique way to honor the students individually.

"When Seth made a decision to follow Jesus, he made a decision to succeed," Chef Brett McCarthy said.

"I'm very proud of you for reaching this day and becoming a college graduate," Residential Life Manager Brian Canright said to Kyle.

Students were also given the chance to present a speech. They thanked their family, friends, and teachers and challenged their classmates with one final thought. It was very moving to see these students clearly present their thoughts and ideas in front of a crowd.

"Thank you to my classmates for being good friends and supporting me," Rachel said.

"Just remember to seek God in everything you do," Kyle said.

Dr. Bill Amstutz, president of Shepherds Ministries, concluded the program with a devotional for the graduates. He encouraged them to view the Bible as their spiritual GPS. He asked the students to look to the Word of God for direction when facing life's choices. Dr. Amstutz used Proverbs 3:5-6 to support his points.

"Lean on God's Word. It will never lead you in the wrong direction," Dr. Amstutz said.

This night provided a special time of reflection for students and their families. It was exciting to see the smiles on the graduates' faces. They finished. They made it. And their time at Shepherds College has equipped them with what they need to move forward in life.

Tracy Terrill smiled at the students as he offered the closing statement for the night.

"We're so very happy you've spent the last three years of your life here at Shepherds College."

The Class of 2012

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Office: Spiritual Cleaning

Oh, boy. Cleaning. When I think of cleaning, I think of my mom. Mondays are the major cleaning days at our home, and you can be sure that nearly every surface in that house will be touched by a vacuum, rag, or dust mop. I am thankful for my mother’s chronic cleaning tendencies because I love living in a clean home, but those Monday mornings of cleaning are not necessarily “fun.”

That’s the thing with cleaning; we often find it unpleasant. Cleaning usually requires fixing something up or even getting rid of something. Sometimes that can be hard to do. But usually after all that painful cleaning is over with, we like the end result.

Sean washes windows at Shepherds College

We’ve been doing a lot of cleaning at Shepherds College recently. Read what Cathy Harvey has to say about both physical cleaning and spiritual cleaning at Shepherds College.

By Cathy Harvey

Last week, it was quiet in my corner of the campus, and I relished the healing effect it had after a busy and exciting semester ending—but I can’t say that today!

Summer cleaning is underway to prepare for a new roster of students.  Floor buffers are scrubbing the computer lab that’s situated kitty-corner from the office.  Domestics personnel are vacuuming and shampooing the carpets in the college office.  It is loud and noisy, up close and personal. I had to step outside for a break from the clatter and regroup my thoughts.

Brian clears brush at Mrs. Konopasek's house

Preparing for this cleaning meant clearing boxes, putting away files, and storing teaching materials that had slowly taken over the floor space.  So much “stuff” and clutter had built up over time, slowly eating away at the working space.  What a job!

The preparation and cleaning served a wholesome purpose, however.  It cleared out the cobwebs, purged the stray paperclips, unloaded the loose papers, and motivated me to tidy up.  It felt good.  In fact, once the shampooing was done and the furniture was replaced, it felt great

As annoying and time-consuming as it was to clear out the unnecessary, the result was fresh and clean, renewing my energy.  It reminded me of the spiritual cleaning I need regularly - taking time to clear my conscience, purge pesky attitudes, and unload the sin that so easily besets me.

Sometimes I need to step outside myself and regroup with God’s Word.  Let Him do some cleaning in me!  As annoying as it can be to face my own sin and cluttered heart, the result not only feels good, it feels great to get back on track with God!
“If we confess our sin, he is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”  -I John 1:9

Nikki cleans a table in her apartment at Shepherds College

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Teacher Tuesday: Gloria's Thoughts

When I want to know something about a teacher I’ve never met before, I usually look to other students for advice. My friends and I are always sharing the scoop about professors we’ve had, so others will be able to feel comfortable in those classes, too. It’s helpful to know what to expect about your teachers because then you feel like you know them before you even meet. It relieves some of that first-day-of-school stress.

That’s what Gloria would like to do for you today. Gloria was part of the first graduating class from Shepherds College in 2011. She is living independently and holding down two jobs, but she is still actively involved at Shepherds by volunteering as a tutor at Shepherds College and by being a part of the Catalyst program for Shepherds Ministries.

Gloria would like to introduce you to a faculty member who has made a special impact on her life. She has learned a lot of life lessons from this teacher, and Gloria can’t wait for you to meet her, too. So, meet Mrs. Brasch through Gloria’s eyes.

By Gloria Pavuk

Hello. My name is Gloria Pavuk, and I am one of the first alumni students.

Shepherds College has wonderful teachers that have really impacted my life over the three years I was there. However, there is one particular teacher that has really impacted my growth during college. Her name is Jenna Brasch.

Mrs. Brasch helped me through my struggles with guys, boundaries, and relationships. She showed me tough love, but now when I look back, I am so glad she did. I had no clue when it came to boundaries. I did not know what it meant to set up boundaries in my life; I just wanted to live life!

Mrs. Brasch showed me and taught me that I can still live life, but have boundaries set up in my life. I learned that having boundaries in your life helps you to protect yourself and most importantly, to keep yourself and someone else from getting hurt.

I did get hurt emotionally because I did not have those boundaries set up in my life. It took a long time, but now I do have boundaries set up in my life, and I keep those boundaries. I am enjoying life the way God intended it.

Since then, I have kept healthy relationships with my friends and family. God has also blessed my life with two part time jobs and even a relationship. I basically surrendered everything to God and simply said, “I give up God!” He took that and changed my life around.

Jenna Brasch is a blessing to many, including myself. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done in my life during my three years at Shepherds College.

A student cooks a meal with Mrs. Brasch

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Monday, June 25, 2012

On the Job

“When am I going to use this in life?”

How many students have ever asked that question?
My high school math teacher hated it when we would ask her that question. In fact, she hated it so much that she bought a book that listed all the different careers or areas in life where a person needed certain math skills. Then, anytime we complained about the lesson or pestered her about the pointlessness of math, she would pull out that book and start reading aloud. She definitely worked hard to prove her point, but I still don’t know why I needed to learn calculus.

Students at Shepherds College really don’t have to ask that question. Everything they are being taught is necessary for life. Outside of class, they learn life skills: cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene and grooming, money management, and shopping. Inside class, they build and expand on the life skills they’ve learned by taking it to the next level. They learn about interviewing, job training, and public speaking – all things that people in the workforce use often.

Seth mock interviews with Mrs. Rabbitt

As I observed a communications class, the second year students experienced a mock orientation. Two teachers played the parts of the employers. They gave presentations and speeches to the students that made them feel like it really was their first day on the job. Just like any job training, forms had to be filled out and signed, job descriptions and requirements had to be read, and policies had to be agreed on.

The students had great focus through this process which can typically be frustrating, confusing, or mind-numbing. They were able to keep all of the forms for future reference. I’m sure they will come in handy once the students graduate and start their job search.

During the same class period, students learned about customer service. Almost all jobs require you to work with people, so learning how to handle customers is a necessary skill. This lesson included hands-on learning with a little bit of role play.

The teachers played the part of the customers, and the students pretended to be the employees. The “customers” approached the “employees” about a problem (i.e., they were charged too much money, their order was incorrect, they were unhappy with another employee’s service, etc.). Then, the “employees” had to try to fix the problem. If the “employees” were unable or unsure of how to fix the problem, they had to get help from their “supervisor.”

I had the privilege of acting as the “supervisor.” It was fun to watch the students explain the problem to me and then to work with them to appease their unhappy “customers.” They did a good job of managing the problem or knowing when to let a “supervisor” step in and provide assistance.

Pieter mock interviews with Mrs. Konopasek

I am also a college student right now, and honestly, I felt a little jealous after observing this class. Why doesn’t my university offer classes like this? Sure, my school offers career services where someone will examine your resume or give you a mock interview, but I wonder how many students actually take the time to use those services at my school. I know I haven’t.

I think it would be a lot more useful and beneficial if a specific class was offered to help students become familiar with these common job situations. Having a class like that proves that the school is focused on and committed to helping their students transition seamlessly into the workforce.

And that is exactly what Shepherds College has - a focus on their students’ success.

So, while I work on suggesting a class like this to my university, why don’t you take a moment to consider Shepherds College. Wouldn’t you love to be a part of an experience like this? Then, hitch a ride on the track to success with Shepherds College.

Looking professional for their mock interviews

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Top Five

We have a lot to be thankful for at Shepherds College, and we want to share those blessings with you. So, every Friday, we plan to produce a list of our top accomplishments, moments, memories, and of course, blessings. Every list will be a little different, but they’ll all communicate the amazing things that are going on at Shepherds College.

Today, we want to share with you the top five most exciting things that have recently happened at Shepherds College:

1. The start-up of our blog!

Shepherds College blog, Time to Fly, went live on June 15. We are eager to see this blog reach more potential students, their parents, and education professionals. This blog will be used to share the stories of the students and faculty at Shepherds College because after all, they are the true face of the college. We hope to introduce you to our teachers through Teacher Tuesdays and the college’s main office staff through the weekly segment, The Office. So, if you haven’t taken the time to peruse the previous posts on our blog, read them and spread the word about Time to Fly.

2. The Class of 2012 has graduated!

June 9 was a bright and beautiful day, the perfect day for seven Shepherds College students to become graduates. After spending three years at Shepherds College, the second graduating class completed their program and received their certificates. Family, friends, and Shepherds College students and staff were there to celebrate with the graduates. It was an emotional day for everyone in attendance as it was easy to see the excitement and sense of accomplishment on the students’ faces. Congratulations, Class of 2012, on a job well done!

3. Photos from the 2012 Commencement Celebration are in!

On the night before graduation, Shepherds College graduates gathered with their families and college staff to celebrate their accomplishments. It was a special time for students and faculty to share their experiences from the last three years. Jim and Cathi Leibforth of Leibforth Photography volunteered their time and services to provide beautiful, professional photography for the students and their families. The Leibforths delivered the disk of original photos to Shepherds yesterday! The photos look wonderful, and we can’t wait to share all of them with you.

4. Shepherds College has been approved for Federal Student Aid!

Shepherds College students are now able to file for federal funding. Just like other college students, families can fill out FAFSA forms and apply for grants and loans to help them offset the cost of tuition. This new accomplishment is huge for the college. It took about 15 months for Shepherds College to receive the federal aid approval. We can’t wait to see how this exciting event will impact our current and future students.

5. Shepherds College is getting some attention!

Between the 2012 graduation and the recent approval for Federal Student Aid, Shepherds College has been generating some attention from various media sources. Check out this article at My Racine to read about the graduation. Read this article in the Racine Journal Times or this article at My Racine to learn more about the FSA approval. Also, check back with us as we plan to see some articles about Shepherds College in other publications in the near future.

As you can see, God has blessed us in several incredible ways in the last few weeks. Join us again soon to see what else we have to be thankful for.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A New Perspective

We all know what kind of feelings a W-4 form usually conjures up in us: dread, frustration, nervousness, loathing. You get anywhere near one, and you feel like you’re about to break out in hives. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but honestly, filling out a W-4 form (and considering the outcome) can be tedious, irritating, and just overall unpleasant.

But not here at Shepherds College.

There’s a new and unprecedented significance to W-4 forms at Shepherds College. A few weeks ago, I observed a communications class for the second year students. I am a mass communications major, so I was really excited to attend. What I wasn’t ready for was the remarkable focus topic of this class.

If you’re not familiar with Shepherds College, suffice it to say that everything in this program is fashioned with the goal of being applicable to life. This communications class was no exception. The students were learning about different communications situations everyone has to deal with when they’re on the job.

And the day I happened to be there, they were practicing how to fill out a W-4 form. As I watched the students fill in their information, I was struck with the value of these pesky, little forms. Just being able to fill one out reminds you that you have a job. Your very own job.

As we grow from adolescence to adulthood, we often dream about what we want to be someday, what job we will have when we grow up. Being employed is something that is extremely important to most adults in our world, but think about the impact a job would have on someone whose dream of being employed was once crushed or buried far away.

People with intellectual disabilities sometimes have broken dreams of holding down a job or being on their own. Maybe they were told over and over again that they couldn’t work a job or be independent, and at some point, they started believing it.

But here’s the thing: they can do those things, and Shepherds College wants to help restore their dreams. We believe that everyone was designed for a purpose. God makes no mistakes, and He has a phenomenal plan for each one of us.

I wonder what those students were thinking as they filled out their W-4 form. Were they imagining the job they would have one day? Were they memorizing the steps, so they would know what to do when it was no longer a practice form? Did their dreams grow bigger that day?

I do know what several of them were thinking when their teacher explained the choice of being a dependent or supporting yourself. A few of the students were so thrilled by the prospect of financially supporting themselves that they blurted their thoughts out in the middle of class. This is when Annie gave her famous quote about her desire to live on her own. Others agreed with her and marked their forms accordingly.

Dreams were encouraged to grow that day. Dreams that may have been dusty or discounted in the past. Dreams that were a little rough around the edges, but all they needed were some sanding and polishing to make them really shine. Dreams that these students can now view as a valid possibility.

I don’t think I will ever look at a W-4 form the same way again. Instead of conveying negative emotions, a W-4 form will represent hard-work, accomplishment, and empowerment. It will remind me that with God, all things are possible.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Office: Opportunity for Prayer

Variety – it’s the spice of life.

We want to make this blog fun and exciting to read. It should be fresh and interesting. So what better way to do that than by incorporating some variety?

We’ve said before that Shepherds College is all about the stories. But these stories cannot be told by just one person. That would be boring and pointless. Think about it. One person couldn’t possibly witness all there is to see and do around Shepherds College campus. And even if he could, people see things differently, and the various ways we view things result in new and different stories. Variety!

With this in mind, we would like to introduce “The Office.” This weekly segment will feature a post from someone in the main college office on campus. Whoever writes the post for the week is sure to have the inside story of what’s going on at Shepherds College.

Today, you will hear from Cathy Harvey, the Administrative Assistant to the Dean. So, enjoy her story of how she’s preparing for the upcoming school year in a very special way.

Posted by Cathy Harvey

I love the stories that come through the Dean’s and the Director’s offices—amazing details of how God provided or opened doors for students and staff to be a part of this miraculous venture.

Cathy Harvey with Jocelyn and Melissa
But now, the students are at home for the summer, so what exactly are we doing?  Parents often ask me if we get a break for the summer.  Well, yes, a little.  We like everyone to take some time off—it’s a much needed rest after a year of challenges.  Most are surprised to hear the office is open all summer, but we need the time to prepare for the next semester and train new employees: teachers, advisors, after-school Residential Life staff, and weekend staff.

Today is particularly quiet, so as the Administrative Assistant, besides responding to parental emails, I am making all the new students’ files and praying for each one as I apply the labels with each of their names.  I am praying that we can do a good work for God and for them while they are here for three short years.  I am praying they will be open and teachable, and most of all, I pray for those who may not know God and how much He loves them and has a plan for their lives.

Every day, I think about what great things I can do for God in my little station.  It’s a big deal to God, and it’s a big deal to me. What can I do TODAY, right where I am in my little corner of Shepherds College, to honor God, use my gifts, lift a load for someone, and bring someone closer to Jesus?  Today, I am praying as I go for all the new students making the first big transition from home to school in Union Grove, Wisconsin.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Meet the Flight Crew

Think back to your first day of school – maybe your first day in kindergarten or high school or college. What were some of the things you were most concerned about? What did you wish you knew before you headed off to school that day?

The biggest thing I worried about on those first days of school was what my teachers would be like. How would they teach? Were they nice? Would they take their class on field trips? Would they like me? Would they make learning fun?

Well, what if there was a way to find out what your teacher is actually like before that nerve-wracking first day of school?

That’s a task we’d like to take on here at Shepherds College blog. Welcome to Teacher Tuesdays!

Miss Sheppard and Mrs. Luchterhand

Every Tuesday, one of the Shepherds College faculty members will be featured in our post for the day. The post might be a profile of a teacher, helping you get to know that faculty member a little more personally. Or faculty members might write the post themselves, telling you what to expect in their classroom. The post might even be written by a past or present student, giving you true insider’s knowledge on the faculty members.

Chef McCarthy and 2012 Graduate Seth

However we do it, Teacher Tuesdays are sure to be a lot of fun! You’ll feel like you know your teachers before you ever step onto campus. And that’s a great way to ease the nerves on your first day of school.

So, prepare yourself to get to know your Shepherds College teachers like you’ve never known your teachers before. Who knows what you might have in common? This could be the start to a lifelong friendship.

Miss Luchterhand and 2012 Graduate Jocelyn

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Monday, June 18, 2012

First Flight

For those of you who have visited Shepherds, you know the place has a tendency of sticking with you. Well, Shepherds has stuck with me for quite awhile. I was 15 when I first traveled to Shepherds, and ever since then, I’ve had a hard time getting the place off of my mind.

For two years, I’ve been hoping and praying to work at Shepherds as a marketing intern. God granted that wish this summer, and I am now fulfilling my dream. My name is Megan, and I feel incredibly blessed to be spending the next few weeks at Shepherds.

Although I’ve visited Shepherds Ministries a few times, this was my first encounter with Shepherds College. And I only had one week to take in the full experience. One week until the Class of 2012 graduated and everyone headed home for their summer break. One week to get to know the students, hear about their growth and accomplishments, and understand why they love being at Shepherds College. Just one week.

That week is over. The hallways of Shepherds College are quiet now. Classrooms are being cleaned, and teachers are training in preparation for the next school year. The students are all across the globe, enjoying their summer. But this scene was very different not so long ago.

At that time, students bustled through the halls excitedly, restless from the pressures of finals week and the anticipation of summer break. I could feel the energy in the building. It made me half-excited, half nervous, too.

My schedule was filled with classes to observe and activities to attend. As I headed to my first class, I admired the pictures gracing the hallway walls. Someone once said that “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” and in this case, that saying is quite true. The photos of the students and their Culinary Arts and Horticulture masterpieces spoke more to their inspiring accomplishments than words ever could.

I entered the classroom. The colors were warm and inviting, and several windows provided bright, natural light. It felt like a prime place to learn.

These are the second year students at Shepherds College, but now that finals are finished and the next school year is on their minds, they would be quick to inform me that they are third year students, the top dogs on campus. The teacher asked them to introduce themselves to me, and I watched as they stood, looked me in the eyes, and told me their name, their major, where they were from, and one thing they learned at Shepherds College this past year.

Meet Kelsie. One of the first questions she asked me was “Do you know Jesus as your Savior?” She had met me only moments before, but she was already concerned about my spiritual life. I assured her that I did, and I shared my personal testimony with her, but looking back, I wish I would have said “no” just so I could have heard her share the gospel in her own words.

Then, there’s Annie. As her teacher explained to the class what it meant to be a dependent, she confidently blurted out, “Oh, I want to live on my own.” She’s looking forward to the future and developing a dream of independence that may have never been realized before her time at Shepherds College. She’s eager to see what she can do on her own.

Finally, we have Sam. As Sam prepared to introduce himself to me, he calmly pushed his chair out from under the table, turned around, and looked me in the eyes. His dress shirt and tie were classy and professional. Sam cleared his throat and began his introduction. He carefully told me his name, major, and hometown, but then he faltered.

You see, Sam was so excited about all of the skills he has learned in Culinary Arts that it was difficult for him to choose just one thing to tell me. Should he share learning to cut vegetables or preparing some of his favorite dishes? The decision was too hard, so he decided to disclose them all. I certainly didn’t mind listening to his record of accomplishments.

These are the faces of Shepherds College. Their struggles, their triumphs, their stories – they are all a part of who the students are and who they will become. Shepherds College wants to take that journey with their students. They want to be there through the highs and the lows, the smiles and the tears.

And when it’s all said and done, Shepherds College can’t wait to see these faces headed down the pathway toward success. Their own individual successes.

I’ll be honest with you. When I first heard that the majority of my duties as an intern would be to write about Shepherds College, I was a bit doubtful. How could I write about something I only spent a week getting to know? How do I write stories about students who aren’t here right now? How could I feel passionate about something that I’m not familiar with?

But I was wrong. Because one week observing classes tells you everything you need to know about the program. One week with the students floods you with enough stories to fill a book. And one week at Shepherds College makes you a zealous advocate for the growth and accomplishments you see happening here.

I look forward to sharing my stories and experiences with you during the next month. I can’t wait for you to see what can happen in just one week.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Fly with Us

Welcome to the brand-new, beautiful blog for Shepherds College!

Are you looking for up-to-date information about what’s going on at Shepherds College? Are you interested in discovering what Shepherds College is really all about? Do you want to be engrossed in the heart and soul of this educational program?

Then, this is the blog for you.

The best way to introduce Shepherds College to you is by sharing stories – our stories and the stories of our students and faculty. These stories will touch your hearts and open your eyes to the importance of Shepherds College. They will help you understand who we really are and what we actually do.

Yes, we offer an educational program for students with intellectual disabilities, but we don’t stop there. There is much more about our program that goes way beyond being just an educational opportunity. And we can’t wait for you to get to know us even better!

So, whether you have stumbled upon our blog by accident or visited us on purpose, we welcome you. Thank you for coming along with us on this journey. We hope to inspire you, encourage you, amaze you, and challenge you to look beyond the disabilities and see instead the abilities that reside in each and every one of us.

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