Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Office: Come On In

We’re visiting the Director of Admission’s office today. Come on in, sit down and get comfy amid all the baseball memorabilia. Chris has coffee brewing and you might even get a free t-shirt during your visit.

I know from the experience of working with Chris during Preview Days that he will make you feel at ease. He’s got that gentle way about him – you know he cares about your concerns, and his quiet confidence assures you that your questions will get answered.

He knows how scary it can be to enroll your student in college, especially a student with intellectual disabilities; one you may have thought would stay at home with you in the years following high school. You can tell by his nature that your fears will be taken very seriously as he walks you step by step through the admissions process. He shares your goal of helping your student realize his or her dream of attending college.

In many ways, Chris Wright is the perfect representative for Shepherds College. He worked for many years as a Case Manager for Shepherds Ministries before accepting the role of Admissions Director and becoming the very first employee of the college. He has experience and all the qualities necessary to work with families of students with intellectual disabilities.

Do you need help during the application process? Chris will patiently walk you through it, step-by-step if necessary.

Does the thought of seeking financial aid scare you to death? Chris’ calm demeanor and knowledge of your options will reassure you and give you the confidence to keep moving toward the goal of enrollment.

Do you wish your student could experience Shepherds College to see if the program is a good fit? Call Chris at 262-878-6351 to sign up for a Preview Day, to go on a tour of campus, or to schedule an overnight visit for your student. 

Experience first-hand the warmth, the safety, the faith, and the commitment inherent in the program… and in the Director of Admissions.

Shepherds College - Guiding Your Transition to Appropriate Independence. Please visit us at

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