Thursday, May 23, 2013

Laurel's Visual Resume

Thank you to Brian Canright, Lead Recruiter/Transition Coordinator, for writing today's blog.

As the Transition Coordinator, I am looking to provide, and continuously improve upon, the resources we provide our graduates to improve employment outcomes. One such tool I have been piloting the past few weeks is the visual (or video) resume. Research suggests that, for adults with disabilities, this practice increases the likelihood of employment. The primary reason is that a prospective employer can visualize the potential employee competently carrying out tasks which are relevant to the position they are seeking to fill. Though the paper resume and references are equally important for securing a job, the visual resume adds value to the overall portfolio. The video can be linked to the resume in the form of a QR code or as a website link. Additionally, a student can download the visual resume and burn it to a DVD to carry with them to interviews.

The following example is a 2 and a ½ minute visual resume that was shot on Wednesday, May 22nd, over the course of two hours of Laurel Arnold’s internship at Country Rose Bakery and CafĂ©. I only used an iPad mini and the whole project was completed in less than three hours, including the editing.  


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