Friday, March 14, 2014

Apostrophe Magazine Photo Shoot

Thank you to Micah Muma for writing today's blog about his experiences during the Apostrophe Magazine College Fashion Photo Shoot.

The Apostrophe Magazine photo shoot was amazing and spectacular.  I can’t say anything else more. The day was crazy! We all had to get on our make-up and our shine.  I felt so great! Everyone was enjoying themselves. 

The male models were Micah, Nick, Torrey, David, Charles, Wade and Matt. The girl models were Kati, Ashley, Willetta, Olya, Ellie, Audrey and Abby. 

The whole experience was great. In Torrey’s words, it was a “once in a lifetime experience. You can enjoy it, and then you realize it’s gone.”  I felt the same thing after the photo shoot. I had said, “Well, I can cross that off my bucket list.” As for Nick’s opinion about the photo shoot - he felt amazing; he felt “like a good man.” 

Everyone looked stunning. The girls all looked like princesses. 

They brought in clothes from different stores, and they chose who could pull off the casual look and the students who could pull off the formal wear. Gateway Cosmetology students came to do our make-up and set the looks on everyone there. 

We all had to wait for some time, but I really didn’t mind at all when it was so much fun. Time passed quickly and before we knew it, we were done. We looked around and ask ourselves whether we wished we could do it once again. 

We all left for the photo shoot around 1:45 PM and finished around 5:00ish. I felt great. I said the whole deal was a moment in life I’d never forget and could cross off my bucket list. I’d say for everyone, “go out and enjoy life as much as you can. Always be your OWN self; don’t ask to be anyone else. Go forth into world as you and give life a chance.”

To everyone who helped us, and to the ones who picked us as the models for the photo shoot, we all thank you sincerely, and we appreciate your thoughts into everything you pulled off. As the year goes by, and we look at the photos in the future, we’ll say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” 

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