Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Facing Fear

Thank you to Micah Thomas Muma, first-year student, for writing today’s blog. Micah is writing about the anticipation, and fear, the students feel leading up to tomorrow’s big game at the BMO Harris Stadium.

How far do we take fear into ourselves? 

Many have laughed at the quote “Fear is an Illusion, and life is reality.” As March 5th comes around, we may grow in fear and draw shy. We face the truth in front of us, and we put on the mask of “Oh, we got this.” We act out very well at the moment, but when the real time comes, and we draw into the shadows of fear, we can all see the truth of the person deep within our own selves. 

As my team, the Soarin’ Eagles, has the privilege of playing the halftime game at the Milwaukee Bucks Stadium, I can only say in full truth, I am nervous and scared. All of the eyes will be watching us as we play in the professionals’ court - where stars fly high, and we try to stay as cool as we can. 

God says in the Bible “Have no fear...”
We will have to fight our own fears, and we will play hard if not harder. We all are looking and talking about the game, and we know what we want. We know how far we need to achieve. 

Think Big, Dream Big, Play Big, and we all will achieve big things in life.

 I have to say though to my team, I’m so honored to be playing with you all. We have showed the other teams we may have small players and, even though we may be small, we aren’t slow.” I say it, and I can see that it’s working! Or it’s that we want to stay undefeated. 

Soaring Eagles, you all have many gifts! 

How far do we see ourselves heading? We play every game as one and can only look forward toward the next game and win. We play as one team. As God’s team, we can soar to a Championship.

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