Friday, March 21, 2014

Looking Forward to Monday

Thank you to Micah Thomas Muma, a first-year student, for writing today's blog.

Growing up with a family big on computers and a father who sold software for computers for a very long time, I’d say I fell in love with technology early in life. All the technology in the world is amazing, and a computer is one of my favorites.

Mr. Andrus teaches computer class on Monday.  Most people would be down on a Monday because it’s just the end of the weekend and they’re tired, but when I know it’s Monday and Mr. Andrus is teaching us, I’m ready for Monday. 

Right now, we are learning how to make a computer piece by piece. It’s not that bad at all, but we all have a little trouble. We have to make a PowerPoint of the computers we want, and then we have to email our parents and try to explain why that computer is great. I’m thinking if I told my parents why it was a great computer, they’d say “What’s wrong with your computer?” 

Well, at the moment, nothing’s wrong with my computer and hopefully never will be wrong again. All that I’m saying is, out of all the projects we are doing and have done, all the projects are great and fun, but at the same time, Mr. Andrus is training us to be professionals in the near future of our lives. 

I didn’t know some things, such as PowerPoints and how computers work, quite as well as I do now. And the short cuts to a computer… can you believe you have short cuts for a computer?  Well, I’m happy to say to all who might be scared to take that test - it’s not that hard, and you will learn quickly. 

The other huge part of Computer Skills is typing without looking down at your keyboard. It took me some time, and it did for some of my friends here at Shepherds College as well. But then you practice, and you type so many words in your computer, and you look at yourself and ask, “How did I just do that?!”
I’ll tell you how! 

“With great practice makes perfection!”
I wouldn’t say perfection always comes right away, but I’d say it’s better than not trying at all. 

Thanks, Mr. Andrus, for teaching us here at Shepherds College. I sincerely appreciate every Monday. 

Mr. John Andrus

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