Thursday, July 26, 2012

Getting Ready!

I’ve discovered over time that I’m a phenomenal multi-tasker. But not just any old multi-tasker – a specialist. I can be given a list of several tasks and – this is key – as long as one of these tasks involves food, I can dominate that list. 

I can answer the phone at the same time I’m eating a Seroogy’s Dark Chocolate Almond Meltaway and wiping wet almond chunks off the receiver.

I can check my emails at the same time I’m cooking dinner and sending an email back to my boss saying that we only received 2 Tbl of donations, must add salt.

I can chop carrots at the same time I’m doing my impersonation of the Iron Chef and applying Band-Aids to the cuts on my fingers. 

How’s that for impressive?   . . . Hmmmm???       . . .Huh. You’re a tough crowd.

I know what’s really impressive though – the teachers at Shepherds College.  Talk about phenomenal multi-taskers. Teachers at typical schools usually get about twelve weeks to relax, vacation and prepare for the new school year. Our faculty and staff have less than eight weeks.  The shorter summer is best for the students, and our students’ best interest is what we’re all about, but it does make life a bit more challenging for the college staff.  

This committed group of people is up for the challenge though. Take a quick look at just a portion of their task list to get ready for the students' return: 

·         Take a mini-vacation to rest and rejuvenate
·         Once staff are back on campus, eat lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings to catch up and team build (Note: food-related. Key to successfully dominating the rest of this list)
·         Complete all documentation for Federal Student Aid (I know you parents right now are shouting, “Quick, get them more wings! More wings!!)
·         Relocate the Advisors’ offices
·         Paint and set up the new Residential Life offices
·         Set up the new Computer Lab
·         Conduct employee appraisals
·         Interview, hire and train new staff
·         Make daily planners for the students
·         Order Bible study books
·         Review and update policies and procedures in the student handbook
·         Review and develop classroom curriculum
·         Develop curriculum to train the students with med passing
·         Write lesson plans
·         Create the 2012/13 Calendar
·         Read Student Folders
·         Write Student Profiles
·         Create chore charts for the students
·         Assign roommates
·         Prepare menus
·         Mail the student packets
·         Schedule lots of fun activities (I heard a scavenger hunt, boating outings and a Jelly Belly tour are part of the plan!)
·         Create the student activity calendars and post them online
·         Read books that will elevate staff performance from “superior” to “awesomely other-worldly”

And they would have to be awesomely other-worldly to get this list done in less than eight weeks - which they are doing.  I think our amazing and very helpful God has something to do with it.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

I am now ready to relinquish my crown as “Multi-tasking Queen” - and turn it over to the “Multi-tasking King” and His busy followers at Shepherds College.
Miss Houk with a book she'd like the staff to read
Mr. Wright working on FSA
Mr. Gaschke preparing for Res Life

Med training for the college staff. Lots of new faces!
The staff shopped for new kitchen supplies for the dorms

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